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​It's about you and your goals

I would love to help you learn more about the beautiful world of music during our piano/music lessons. Through your learning experience, you'll get to know about different composers and their music, instruments, and genres. You'll soon expand your knowledge and ability to play more joyfully for yourself and others. You can even try to compose, create your own melodies, find harmonies, arrange and present your musical pieces.


My teaching method is a combination of the leading musical pedagogy programs which includes a broad repertoire, sight-reading, ear-training, theory, artistry, composition, history and solfeggio.


About Me

​When I was 3 years old, I pretended to play piano on my kitchen table. I guess it was so convincing that my parents bought me a piano less than a year later. Back then it was a huge investment to buy a piano - similar to buying a Steinway Grand Piano nowadays. At age 4, my father took me to the Moscow Conservatory Concert Hall for a concert and the world stopped spinning for me. I became hooked on music and it became one of my life's greatest passions. Today, this experience is very important to me because it reminds me as a parent how important it is to pay close attention to little nuances and hints which my children give me to help me recognize their hidden talents, both artistic as well as others. 

started playing piano at 4
traveled with Vesna Children's Choir across Eastern and Western Europe
1984-89 attended Gnesin's Music College (Moscow, Russia)
1989-94 assistant of producer for the program about music-art-culture for Russian TV Channel 1
1994 moved to US
1995 my first teaching experience was in King Center, NJ
2000 moved to Colorado. Played for Breckenridge Theater's musical productions
2010 - 2018 taught at Evergreen School of Music.

Member of Music Teacher National Association and Colorado State Music Teacher Association. 


Elena is an extraordinary piano instructor!  Her instruction begins with the basics and classics.  Elena takes the time to build a relationship with her students, establishing a high level of trust and respect.  Our 8 year old daughter has learned from the beginning with proper posture and reading music.  She also has fun and is excited to learn.  She looks forward to her lessons with Elena.  Elena is patient, incredibly talented, and has a way of connecting with her students that inspires future musicians!!  We feel incredibly lucky to have found Elena and I would highly recommend her as a piano instructor for any level. Sandy Partyka

My daughter, age 14, and I have taken piano lessons from Elena for three years. My daughter wanted to learn to play lots of different kinds of music, and I wanted to re-learn some of the classical music I had played many years ago. Elena has been wonderful for teaching both of us the kind of music that we want, and at the pace that is both appropriate and enjoyable. Elena is great teacher for students of different levels and abilities, and makes playing piano a joy to be shared with others. Thank you Elena! 

Melissa Montgomery-Fitzsimmons

I have been learning piano with Mrs. Elena for almost two years now, and am very happy with the way she teaches. Mrs. Elena makes it very easy to push myself if I want to, but does not make me feel too overwhelmed. She is very flexible with timing, which is something I greatly need. Mrs. Elena covers book lessons as well as free-choice songs. I really like this mix up, because it gives me a chance to learn the song that I like as well as the traditional ones. The books are very interactive and have lessons and activities for both Mrs. Elena and myself. In my opinion she explains things very well, and has always been very helpful. She teaches at whatever pace I seem to need at the time, and never keeps me on a song I don't like. So far it has been a great experience, and I'm still glad I chose to learn piano. Sincerely, Emily 

"Elena is not only an amazing piano teacher, she is a wonderful person.  She cares about my children’s’ progress not only on the piano but in life.  She is a gift to our family!"  Kris Lee

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